Contagious Customs
About the shop

We're located at 5114 E. Terra Cotta Ave. in Crystal Lake, Illinois. While established in 2006, Contagious Customs has been a vision of owner Chris Hellyer for over a decade. Over the years, we have been able to spread our ideas and creativity to an audience across the world, literally. Our creations have been seen in New York, Tampa Bay, Alaska, and even as far as Cuba. The goal isn't to spread around McHenry County...but around the globe.

The success of Contagious Customs is not only due to our knowledge and skill-set, but also the diversity that we can offer. On any given day, a lift kit for a customer's truck may be getting installed, or we may be sandblasting steel rods for one of our corporate clients. This variety of work has kept Contagious in operation while our competitors have been closing their doors.